Variables : Served Straight | With Milk
Coffee Vol : 15g | 21g
Grind Style : Medium | Fine
Water Temp : 93*C | 95*C
Bloom Time : 1.00min | 25sec
Water Vol : 200g | 70g
Press Time : 30sec | 30sec
Total Time : 1.50min | 50sec

Boil your water, and then preheat the Aeropress and rinse the filter paper by performing an empty brew. This is important as it means the implement won’t leach heat from your brewing process and it flushes the paper to reduce a papery taste in the coffee.

Weigh out 1 serve of coffee. If not pre-ground use a burr grinder to grind your coffee on a medium-fine setting. Freshly ground is always best if possible.

Weigh out your dose of coffee. If not pre-ground use a burr grinder to grind your coffee to the desired particle size. See the variables chart for the correct values of grind size and dose for your desired extraction.

Place the ground coffee directly in the chamber, tare the scale, and add the hot water vigorously until the water volume is correct. Give the coffee a good stir to allow the coffee to de-gas (bloom).

If traditional place the push component in to create an airlock and hold the coffee and water in extraction for the total bloom time. If inverted then place the lid back on, with the rinsed filter paper, and flip the Aeropress over onto the cup at the end of the total bloom time.

Press down with a constant amount of force to complete the brew. If you have difficulty in pressing you may have to make your grind courser.