Cold Brew / Cold Immersion

Variables (Straight | With Milk)
Coffee Dose : 40g | 60g
Grind Style : Medium | Medium
Water Temp : Cold | Cold
Water Volume : 500ml | 500ml
Extraction Time : Up to 10 hrs | Up to 12 hrs


Freshly grind the coffee (medium grind) and place it in the vessel - you can use a french press or mason jar.

Pour the cold water into the vessel, using filtered or bottled mineral water, while making sure to wet all the coffee grounds. You can use a spoon to gently agitate and promote even wetting of the coffee.

Place the lid on the plunger or mason jar and leave it in the fridge for 12 hours (10 if being consumed straight).

Finally, decant and filter the coffee. In the plunger - plunge the coffee and decant it into a bottle or jar. In the mason jar - pour the coffee mix through a new cheese cloth or a paper filter to strain the grinds out.

Pour the finished coffee through a wet V60 paper filter to clean up the body increase clarity. The volume of cold brew made can be increased as long as ratios of coffee to water followed. Cold brew can be stored (sealed and in the fridge) for 1-2 weeks.