Variables : Double Espresso
Coffee Vol : 21g
Grind Style : Fine
Water Temp : 93*C
Extraction Time (+-2s) : 0:28
Espresso Weight : 45g

Grind your coffee fresh, using a conical or flat burr grinder. You want to aim for a fine grind size, similar to fine sand. It is important to note that your particle size will control the overall time of the extraction.

Remove the handle from your espresso machine, and purge a small dose of water (30ml). Make sure the handle is clean and dry and then dose your ground coffee, using a gram scale for accuracy. Be sure to check the correct dose for the machine. Our recommendation is 21g for a double espresso.

Carefully distribute and collapse the ground coffee so you end up with a flat coffee bed and then tramp this down evenly (180* flat plane). For more on distribution methods / tamping check google (keywords: collapse, distribution, grooming, tamp methods).

Lock the handle into the espresso machine and place two cups under the spouts, on top of the gram scale. Tare the scale and start the extraction.

During extraction the espresso should have a thick syrupy consistency as it pours. You are aiming for an end weight between 44g and 46g for a double espresso and an extraction time of 26-28 seconds.