Plunger / Press

Variables (2 Cups | 4 Cups)
Grind Style : Medium
Water Temp : 97°C
Coffee Volume : 18g | 36g
Water Volume : 200G | 400G
Bloom Time : 0:30 | 0:45
Steep Time : 3:30 | 4:00

Set your kettle to boil, preferably using spring water over using tap water. Grind your coffee to a medium coarseness and measure out the dose for your brew.

Fill your plunger/press about one-quarter full with hot water and press the plunger all the way down. Swirl the hot water around inside the French press for about 10 seconds, then pull the plunger up and remove the lid. Discard the rinse water. Then pour your ground coffee into the French Press and gently shake it back and forth to settle the grounds.

Pour about a third of your hot water evenly over the grounds and use a spoon to gently stir, so the coffee is wet throughout. This step is called the bloom. Hot water forces the ground coffee to release trapped gases, leading to expansion of the coffee and wonderful aromas for you to enjoy. Allow the coffee to bloom for the time listed above (based on the amount of coffee).

Pour the remaining dose of your hot water over the coffee and stir gently again. Place the lid on your French press with the plunger pulled all the way up, and let the coffee steep (see time above).

Slowly press the plunger all the way down to filter the grounds from the coffee. If it’s hard to press, that means your grind is too fine; if the plunger “thunks” immediately down to the floor, it means your grind is too coarse.

Pour the coffee immediately into your mug and enjoy - if it sits for too long in your French press it will turn bitter.

To make your coffee stronger, make the grind slightly finer (smaller particles), and vice versa (coarse - larger particles) for weaker coffee.
For better clarity in the coffee you can pour the brewed coffee through a pre-rinsed V60 paper filter. This is great for drinking coffees without milk.