Variables : 1 CUP | 2 CUP
Coffee Vol : 12g | 24g
Water Temp : 96*C | 96*C
Bloom Vol : 50g | 100g
Bloom Time : 0.30 | 0.40
Finished Vol : 200g | 400g
Total Time : 2:15min | 3:00min

Place your pour over cone atop a mug or other brewing vessel and place filter paper in cone. Rinse the filter with plenty of near-boiling water. This step preheats your mug and ensures any papery flavours are flushed out before the coffee is brewed. Discard the water.

Weigh out 1 serve of coffee. If not pre-ground use a burr grinder to grind your coffee on a medium-fine setting. Freshly ground is always best if possible.

Add the just-ground coffee into the paper filter, and give a gentle shake to even out the grounds. Then, place your V60 and mug onto your digital scale and tare to ‘0 grams.
Brew kettle to 96*C. Slowly pour the water in circle from the center to the rim of the bed of grounds until your scale reads the bloom volume. Let sit for 40 seconds, and give a little stir. This is called a 'bloom,' and the goal is to fully saturate the coffee grounds and allow the grounds to degas.

Following the bloom, use your pouring kettle to slowly pour a steady, even stream of hot water over the grounds. Start at the centre and work in a steady circle to the edges. Make sure there is not dry coffee at the edge. Slowly fill till the scales read the finished volume.

The brew should pass through the filter in 2:30. Adjusting your grind can help, ie. finer ground the slower the extraction, courser the quicker. Once finished remove your cup, take a seat, clear your mind, and sip slowly.